A thank you prologue.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


‘Friends, Indians, countrymen lend me your ears……..’

No, this is not a sarcastic Antonian oration.

But a humble thanksgiving prologue from a trivial, timid soul that earnestly sought to be unobtrusive all along.

To all those out there who could be happy for me, who might dismiss this as a toddler wailing to grab attention, who overcome with the ‘who cares’ slant might go the whole hog to stamp out the sniggery jibes, who loathe me with all their might and heart for the person I am, I take this space to thank you in advance for peeking into my rantings and ravings here.

Thank you, dear parents, who helped me sprout the wings of fantasy, who introduced me to the marvelous world of books handing them out in heaps in lieu of ephemeral treats.

Thank you, dear brother, sis-in-law for creating this blog for me, for standing by me come rain or shine, through thick and thin, for not spurning my words as vapid and vain.

Lastly, thank you dear husband on our 20-th wedding anniversary, for nudging the artist inside me to emerge out, for badgering me to paint and post those despite all my reticence, in the one and only social site owned by me, for encouraging me to jot down my nutty blather on paper and to bring out those by incessantly instilling in me that I don’t need to be a somebody to create a blog, even nobodies can achieve it quite easily, emboldening me to come out in the open from the dearness of my cherished reclusiveness, for the harsh censure of the words I resort to oftentimes, and not least, for letting me fly and follow my reveries.

Being a novice, there could be indiscretions, please bear with me, correct me constructively.

A warm welcome to my humble abode.


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