Review on ‘After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?: My Encounters With Kurdistan’ by Jonathan C. Randal


A candid, in-depth and incisive sketch on the geopolitics of Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria, expounding their strife with national and international actors in carving out a separate entity of Kurdistan.

I was intensely drawn to the plight of Kurds during the course of reading the extensive reportage in print media for the past few years. That they had been hunted, used and abused at every possible opportunity, hoodwinked by their one- time confidantes like the Shah of Iran, inveigled at pivotal moments by their most trusted ally and advisor, the US, and most of all, that they had once been strange bedfellows with their arch enemy Saddam Hussein, seemed something beyond me. Thus began my search for an unbiased account of these mountain people and I happened to chance upon this book during an exhibition. Randal, a W.P correspondent, who owing to the nature of his job has had a first-hand grip on their history and geopolitics and had been endowed with numerous windows of opportunity in getting to know plebeian and patrician alike, has taken great pains in getting down to the nuts and bolts of Kurdish issue during his wartime reporting. 

One ought to be patient right through, that’s the only catch, yet worth the read!


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