Lucid Dreams


Stop for a while and take in these spectres a bit more,

Close your eyes and watch them flying inside,

Wake up savouring the whiff of warmness, masked by the dead, frozen layers,

Croon along with the serenading gale, humming a haunted, plaintive tune,

Waltz across with the dreamy shadows as the light sleeps still,

Drink in the frosty moonlight that drips into the inky night.


Wipe off the dust and ashes from the distant mirror,

Sprinkle the dazzling stardust on the flawless surface, 

just to gaze into the other self that lives inside.


Are they lucid dreams, webbing the strains of the mind,

blurring the mirage betwixt fact and fancy?

Or enmeshed memories clinging to a cloistered soul?


Some untouched, some crumbled, some flying, some shackled,

Some as light as the milkweed seeds, drifting like wishes unfulfilled,

Some saddling like the rain-bearing clouds about to erupt in fits of flurry,

Some as white as a downy dove cooing in a mellow tone,

Some as sanguine as a rainbow that chases us,

Some like a black hole that sucks in the rhapsodies around,


Some as raw as the dewy-eyed four o’ clock flower,

the fragrance of which embosoms the night in a marvellous embrace,

only to slither away to oblivion in the lambent morning light.

Some as touchy as the touch-me-not that feigns sleep, while wide awake,

and nestling up among the sturdy ones, intractable and hard to root out.


Some languishing in the mildewy dungeons,

oblivious to an extant, caressing, refreshing zephyr.

Some inhumed in the graveyard of time,

with a stygian heart still beating to the music of madness.


I wish I could bridle the pace of the galloping time,

traversing the realms, naive and leery, placid and murky,

halting the eternal flow into the inscrutable destiny.


I wish I could grasp those lucid dreams raging in a fiery blaze,

and meld together the splinters of fragmented memories,

moulding the prismatic glass shards into the iridescent mirror of life.

I wish I could unshackle the chained memories echoing in the stilly dank labyrinths,

baring their plangent melody to the hellish outsideness.


I flow and meander and cascade  in the boundless space,

unbroken, unceasing as a rivery wave,

the only travelling companion, the time that trudges along,

where no two moments ever happen to be the same

until draining into the ultimate infinity.


I wish I could glimpse those lucid dreams in there,

nothing but the unshackled memories breathing free,

the euphony of the soul song girding the flow the life,

the effulgent light plucked away from the gyrating shadows,

the vivid colours reaped from the blaring field of light,

drops of moonlight gleaned from the defiant night,

wisps of feathery reflections that soar higher and higher into the clear ether.


I wish I could reach for the horizon,

when the trancey realities tryst with fervid reveries,

where the scarlet faith fire rises time and again, promises flicker in the gloaming,

even as the darkling mystery blindfolds the heaven-born starshine.


I wish I could discern the shape of the dreams from the shades of memories,

blending with each other and masquerading as one another,

like the murmuring waves lapping the solitary shore,

whispering mystical hymns to the songless birds,

winged dreams imprinting those little secrets

as memories on the sands of time.

                                                                       Copyright © deepanairrp


63 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams

  1. This is so surreal! The true meaning of dreams is always nebulous. We may try to relate them with the subliminal desires and the experience of the eyes (their interpretations of daily life); it’s like a dream can be split and our consciousness betwixt tow contrasting realities. This one is a phenomenal write, Deepa!

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  2. What an outstanding poetry Deepa! So rare these days.
    This poem has so many layers of yearning and awakening, as images and dreams merge, it is difficult to discern what is real! This could be divided into at least three poems to make it “lucid” 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for carefully reading and appreciating, Balroop. 🙂
      You, blogger friends are really inspiring and helping me to do better by your uplifting words and I really appreciate the fact that you have really gone through it patiently.
      Even I thought about dividing it into two portions, then relented to the urge to publish it as it is. 🙂

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      1. I agree. Sometimes we miss some posts which are really pearls and diamonds. The edge in this platform is a coterie of people who share the same interests, reading habits, writing styles etc and give that push to improvise. 🙂


  3. This is incredibly beautiful! I admit I find it a bit difficult for me but I read it multiple times and had Google assistance sometimes 🙂 But I could float with you in this wide world of dreams and memories or the dreams of memories 🙂 the surrealism and metaphors are astonishing ❤ It's what we call "heavy reading"
    Thank you for sharing ❤

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    1. Thank you Huguette, for taking the time to go deeper into the post and respond. 🙂
      I really thank all the honest blogger friends, you are one of the precious few, for their constructive and uplifting feedback( critical feedback is welcome, too). 🙂
      I did not intend to extend the poem like this, it just happened. I should have split it into two or three . Will look into it next time 🙂
      So glad that that you could dream along 🙂

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      1. Good morning Deepa, hope you’re having a great day 🙂
        Well I also welcome a critical and constructive feedback, but in this case I’m not able to, I know my limits, probably in subjects I’m good at, yes sure 😊
        I’m sure the ideas were floating and you couldn’t stop them, totally normal
        Making it 2 or 3 posts is not a bad idea to keep the blogger excited and waiting what’s next 😊
        Appreciate your honesty and respect as well and it’s really the gist of blogging I believe
        Always great to communicate with you 💕

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      2. Well it was almost afternoon (now it is) but after starting the Spring timing yesterday, I slept profoundly haha
        Believe me just because you mentioned it, I read it all and it was a great read 🙂

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      3. I am totally flattered now. Huguette, please don’t think that I am somebody too qualified or knowledgeable. Each person is unique in their reading or writing habits. I might be having zero knowledge in areas that you handle with. The greatest award as far as I am concerned is that there are friends like you who keep me in their thoughts.

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      4. You said it each person is unique so of course you are qualified and knowledgeable! It’s my motto that each person is unique but some people are better in some things than others and your are a reader and very good with vocabulary and words without compromising the meaning and deepness 👍😊 same here dear, people like you are the greatest award and accomplishment ❤️

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Neetika. I am so happy that you could get into the world of lucid dreams 🙂
      You could definitely write more beautifully than this. Just give yourself over to the nature, trees, wind……anything beautiful around you and ideas will start forming by itself, just my suggestion. 🙂

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  4. I simply love it. I have noticed some mild criticism of the structure but how can one structure a dream? Magnificient! I have only been on social platforms for about 5-years and when I first arrived and was lucky enough to be ‘followed’ by someone on the same platform as I, I would reply to their ‘follow’ like so— Thank you for your follow but I must warn you that I’m following a dream and as far as I know there are no rules in a dream— Structure your work your way.

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  5. Your use of words is incredible, and you made them all work to convey some very strong emotions and what we might find in one of your dreams. Just beautiful and it touched me deeply. You have a lot of power in your use of words. Many of us have to struggle to find this; you seem to have it naturally. Thank you for sharing your poem with us.

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